The Story of Us

Apr 27

The Story of Us.

It started with a wedding. Romantic, right?

Anna Clair and Bekah were partners in a small event styling and photography business. They had been contracted to work a super artsy wedding that I was planning. Site visits turned into coffee fueled design meetings. Those morphed into mentoring lunches…and long after the wedding was over, we were bonding over our shared faith, coffee lust and design dreams.

At some point, it became clear that though we were amazingly different, our combined strengths fortified our individual weaknesses.

We were better together.

I researched like a madwoman and was surprised to discover that even with the amount of talented event designers, photographers aaaannd florists, in DC Metro area, an all-inclusive firm was rare.

Sold! Now, how to tell the husband?

Wait! What do we name ourselves?

We couldn’t operate under two different corporate structures. Names…we needed something with meaning. If you have to rebrand, it needs to be worth it! We had often joked about how every design we collaborated on had hints of metallic…like they were


Annnnnd just like that, GILDED GATHERINGS, LLC., was born.

Founded in business…forged in love.

— Dane


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