M+L=P Love, Louisville Style

Sep 27


What do you do when your oldest nephew calls you in April and says, “Hey, I know we planned a massive September wedding, but we aren’t feeling it…like at all…

He may have gone into more detail, but I was busy banging my head against the table when I caught…

We want to put all that money toward a house (mentally high fives him)…soooo we’re canceling everything (and I mean everything…including her dress) and going super simple. Oh, we’re also moving it up to July 8th. Love you!

Deep sigh.

One more sip of whatever I was drinking at the time.


Love you, Micah. That’s an amazingly responsible decision and StudHubs and I are behind you and Lauren 100%. Whatever you want. How can I help?

…Aaaaannnnd cleansing breath.

That was how Gilded landed in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the best bourbon, the slugger…and my older sister…also quite the slugger.  Obviously this is going to be a two-part post, because y’all are just DYING to know how a NoVA/DC based event firm maneuvers Louisville. Yet today, there’s something more important Anna, Bekah and I want to share…

The Couple.

I could go really deep into the story of Micah + Lauren and tell you about the love story to end all love stories, but that would take a couple hours and leave us all emotionally wrecked. To be certain, I cried enough the day of their wedding (after not even crying at my own), and my darling StudHubs would not want to replace my laptop due to severe water damage.  So let me just say this…

There are times in a young person’s life when you travel down an alternate path, even when the most perfect route has been parallel, but on a higher plain from you for about a decade. I call this taking the scenic route. There’s a point when both roads converge for a brief moment. That’s called destiny. God’s plan, but your choice. I’m pleased to say that Micah + Lauren chose wisely and my darling great-niece, Peyton watched her Mommy and her Micah promise forever.  Peyton, Lauren’s daughter from a previous relationship, was the reason for the mental high-five. Little girls need secret backyard hide-outs and puppies to play with. A ready-made family needs immediate room for expansion (get on that M+L).

Regardless of the venue, headcount, catering, flowers, (please don’t skimp on the photography), the perfect dress…it’s all about the end result, the vows, the moments with family (and pretty pictures).
My fellow eventing friends will slap me for saying this, but like I care…


Long after the flowers fade, the mortgage remains.






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