#GildedDoesLouisville – Part Deux

Nov 9


Gilded   l o v e s  :

  • Jesus
  • Coffee
  • Road trips
  • Food
  • A great love story

When we have an opportunity to experience all 5 in the span of 4 days, we are soooo in.

Cast of Characters:

  • 1 minivan
  • 1 suv
  • 4 adults
  • 3 teenagers
  • luggage
  • cameras
  • the contents of an entire wedding, minus flowers

5:00am departure  – 580 miles

destination:  Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks to the amazing spacial reasoning of Bekah and Anna Clair, both vehicles were packed the night before. We sleepwalked our way to the cars at 5:00am with cold brew in hand, and made our way down Route 15 toward Micah+Lauren’s happily ever after.

The drive was the easy part.

We arrived in Louisville around 3:30pm and my family greets us with open arms and a massive feast. After checking in to our hotel we sit down with Micah + Lauren to go over the game plan.  Bekah has created a timeline of how things should run providing two factors:

  • when we can get into the Kentucky Derby Museum
  • the flowers arrive by 10am the following morning.


OK, let me break this flower thing down to you. I believe in sourcing flowers as locally as possible. Any florist who doesn’t needs to get their head examined. The issue is, I’m stubborn. There were certain flowers that were essential to creating the look we wanted to achieve and I knew (that I knew that I knew) we could get them from a great source here in the DC metro area and they would be shipped next day. I had a plan…what could possibly go wrong?

If any of you follow along on Instagram, you know exactly what went wrong.

10:30am the next day:  NO FLOWERS. I call the vendor…

Me:  Hey buddy, the flowers haven’t  arrived, and we have to start processing now in order to make our deadline. I didn’t receive a Fedex confirmation.  What’s their ETA?

Him:  What do you mean? They were delivered 2 minutes ago.

Me: Uh…nope. (My phone chimes. Text from StudHubs. “Just got an alert from the camera on our doorbell. The flowers are on the porch. OUR PORCH!!!”) NO!

Him:  Dana? Are you still there? I’m cross checking the address.

Me:  They arrived. At my house. In Virginia.

Him:  That’s impossible.

Me:  I have a screenshot telling me different.

Him:  I’ll send a truck to go get them and overnight them again to the correct address.

Me:  No. You’ll send me FRESH flowers. Not the ones sent yesterday.

Him:  I’ll do my best.

Me:  Your best is the freshest flowers available…and a shipping refund…and $300 off the order.  Call me with a confirmation this time, please.

Sigh. Our precious posies were delivered to my front porch in Loudoun County instead of the shipping address given fo rLouisville. #allthebadwords

Keep calm.



Flower wholesalers Louisville KY.

Well, heeelllllooooo Dreisbach Wholesale! You just happen to be 11 mins away from where I’m sitting aaaannnnnd you’re open!  #praisehands


After a 5 minute phone call and setting up a quick account (thanks Bekah…best CFO eveeeerrrrr), we were touring the massive walk-in refrigerator in heavy coats embroidered with the Dreisbach logo, and having fun with the staff.  We left that shop armed with fresh, fragrant blooms and great story. Our day was redeemed!

I’m an idiot. I will NEVER not trust local resources at an out of town wedding ever again.  Cross my heart.

Armed with a slightly less ambitious game plan, we got to work. Pulled 2 incredibly late nights, but by the time Micah + Lauren met at the altar, the drama was over and it was all about the love.

Things we learned from this road warrior wedding:

  • you can plan all you want, it is what it is
  • always source local
  • Of the 3 of us, Bekah is the better driver





The Lovely Couple:  Micah + Lauren Skaggs

Venue + Catering:  The Kentucky Derby Museum

Floral Design+ Styling:  Gilded Gatherings

Wedding Cake: Abigail Hampton

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